one week in... / by geoffrey nichols

so i left Greenwich on the morning of September 11th and in that time i've traveled just over 1000 miles to reach 4 destinations ("Darth Volvo" has remained stationary at each location) and have encountered family, dear friends i haven't seen forever and new ones i hope to have forever...

i've been taken to see the home of Edgar Allen Poe, giant Adirondack chairs which say "LOVE", an 1850s cotton mill and the site of the Civil War's beginning (though they don't say "CW" here. it's referred to as "the great unpleasantness"

i've had spectacular meals, i've seen natural beauty and i've witnessed the remnants of our nation's history.

and as i think back on the all the wonderful families WE have stayed with this week, i must say that being made to feel like "one of the family" has been the most cherished aspect of this adventure. (and that i need to clone Pixie for all of them)

*** it has come to my attention that i'm having a vestibular reaction to an afternoon boating yesterday and so i'm rather dizzy.