the road to Charleston... / by geoffrey nichols

after Pop Tarts and coffee, my gracious hosts took me for a SUP tour of "Dawson's Creek" (yes, that one) i ventured south down route 17 towards the home of my college roomie and family (whom i hadn't seen in nearly 20 years)

with a couple U-turns for "vintage whimsy" and a stroll through Hammock Village, i eventually made it to Mount Pleasant where i was greeted by Charles, his darling wife and adorably snarky kids (one of whom was holding an Arsenal soccer ball)

youth soccer led to BBQ (LOTS of it) and eventually bed.

an annoying bout of insomnia didn't put me in the mood to surf this morning (that coupled with the fact i don't know HOW to surf AND didn't feel like getting wet & sandy)

finding the Arsenal match online proved mildly annoying, but the boys & cheered the Gunners on to victory with obscene bowls of Lucky Charms and coffee (well, i had the coffee)

a short lived trek downtown turned into an AMAZING lunch at what is one of the most uniquely pure luncheonettes i've ever experienced... H&R Sweet Shop & Soul Food
more youth soccer followed (along with a mid-game DOWNPOUR) and then a trip to the tennis courts where i sweated out that amazing BBQ, cheeseburger and every other bit of Southern i've consumed over the past week.

i've just returned from a VERY muggy walk around the Charleston College campus and adjoining historic downtown.