by geoffrey nichols

i have thoroughly enjoyed working with model / mathematician Viv Tien over the past few weeks. her enthusiasm is infectious & ability to transform impressive. 



by geoffrey nichols

early stages of a new series...

i am awed by the almost industrial “nature” of sand drifts... while simultaneously being utterly & completely delicate, there’s a very subtle strength to their design & simplicity.

some times you simply feel as if you must post SOMETHING... by geoffrey nichols

though i haven't a clue what it might be as of this moment other than i recently finished reading a beautiful epic of a novel titled "the world of tomorrow" 

i also had a brief photoshoot with the darling Liz* at the "Redneck Riviera" (the beach nymph series)

oh yeah, as of yesterday my work will be carried at the coolest homer decor shop in town, Zazoo'd ;)

by geoffrey nichols

I can’t believe it has been 3 months since i last posted, but here’s some art created this morning...

because the light was dreamy as was her mind...  

because the light was dreamy as was her mind...  

landscapes, models and sharing travel with those who can't... by geoffrey nichols

the week began with me scouring through thousands of images (and seeking counsel from facebook friends) for a "quiet landscape" photo exhibit held by PHOTOPLACE gallery.  

on tuesday i had a brief headshot session with 2 young aspiring models -- due to time constraints we didn't shoot nearly as much as i planned, but will soon.

amd on wednesday i shared my cross-country road trip with the residents at Angels Senior center in Idlewild. 





because i woke to find interest in this piece... by geoffrey nichols

as an artist all you really want (in addition to a perpetual creative muse) is to have your work hanging on walls.

and so occasionally one must pester those in a position to help mediate such transactions like i did on monday when i reminded an interior designer that i hadn't heard from him after sending many options for a project he was working on.

well, when i woke up on tuesday there was a very encouraging email from said interior designer and now i'm waiting to hear back in terms of some particulars.

so HOPEFULLY a 54x54" version of this will be on a wall SOON!

12 hours at Sebring by geoffrey nichols

as a fan of motorsports & automotive photography the 12 hours i spent shooting the Grand Prix with hopes of landing gig at was truly amazing. (and while they loved the images i wasn't able to get them to Petro in time for publication)

blogging simply for the SEO... by geoffrey nichols

even though its been suggested to me for years that i should have a blog i've never really known what i'd write about and since i've spent 24/7 researching how to increase traffic here i'll start by gratuitously posting some images i've taken recently.

4th installment of "VWT" images : Pixie (and maybe another animal) by geoffrey nichols

so as many of you who followed the tour via social media may have noticed, Pixie and her Instagram "pug_on_a_volvo" were rather popular across america.
and while her IG does feature nearly 300 images, i wasn't too sure people would want a pic of her so i've only collected a few here. (but if you just HAVE to have one feel free to select one from IG)

3rd installment of "VWT" : landscapes by geoffrey nichols

while i certainly witnessed an absolutely astonishing array of vistas during my trip, many of them unfortunatley weren't "capturable", but i will scour the archives for more examples of America's natural beauty.

2nd installment of "VWT" images : vehicles by geoffrey nichols

needless to say i shot a MILLION* cars during the trip, but what constitutes an artful car image is difficult to come by (plus i highly doubt anyone wants a faux advertisement featuring MY car!)

*slight exaggeration but more WILL be added to this album very soon.

1st installment of the "VMT" images : the signs by geoffrey nichols

this album*, along with subsequent genres, will feature the images available for selection by donors of the tour.

again, i thank you all for your involvement.

*these are preliminary selections as albums will increase slightly in the coming days.