a rainy day in Wilmington. / by geoffrey nichols

we slept unusually late (7:25), but since it was raining it didn't feel like i was missing out on much (and Pixie NEVER cares about waking up early)

after a simple breakfast and much needed shower, we made tracks for historic downtown Wilmington where Spanish moss lined trees canopied wide boulevards adorned with cobblestone and grand manors.

my experience was an eclectic mixture of decades old architecture, intermittent rain and a zombieland atmosphere (and REALLY good tacos)

the sun eventually parted the storm clouds and once it did the area was bathed in ethereal afternoon light and my host escorted me to one of the most exclusive golf clubs in America* where I did not actually PLAY golf, but DID navigate the course with cart and cameras in order to acquire images for a pending deal with the PGA.

the day culminated with dinner on the palm tree and waterfall lined patio of a very hip sushi bistro under a majestic almost full moon.

and i must say, that acquiring new friends far surpasses any vintage whimsy i could ever hope to encounter. my deepest thanks and appreciation to Liz & Patrick Smith, their darling children and their pets for hosting Pixie & I these past 2 days.