sometimes a search for wild horses on the beach results in only mosquitos... LOT & LOTS of mosquitos / by geoffrey nichols

so due to some WiFI issues (and i simply forgot while spending time with my cousin and his family) after my drive from Parkville, MD to Chincoteague Island, VA there was no post yesterday, but many of you know what transpired if you follow my trip related Instagram feeds.

which brings me to TODAY where i attempted to photograph the wild "ponies" at the nature preserve, but as the above title would indicate that didn't happen. (but again, you'd DEFINITELY know if i had already)

(but before i forget, i must share that my cousin's adorable stepchildren, Hannis & Lola spoiled me with attention which consisted of numerous pieces of art, coin collections AND a nearly 100 year old horse shoe for good luck on my journey.)

now getting back to what happened earlier... i left the darling island of Chincoteague after breakfast and made my way south to where i encountered the 23-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel (and the scores of dead sea gulls lining it) 

usually i have no qualms with a 23-mile causeway of sorts, but i DO generally avoid underwater tunnels with on-coming traffic. (fortunately i had NPR New Orleans classical streaming and i was able to experience the surreal juxtaposition of Richard Strauss' as i emerged from the the Leviathan ;D

after surviving that i arrived in Virginia Beach where i decided in ONE second that i was stopping at TASTE for lunch (and cause i really had to pee)

but since Wilmington, NC was still a good 4hrs plus away, Pixie & I ventured on southward where we encountered a man with a lost parakeet at the Blue Highway rest area just over the state line in NC (though distressed, he assured me this as happened before)

as dinner time rolled around the effects of the a major storm looming over South Carolina brough rather ominous skies, but nothing significant came of it and eventually i found the home of "friends of friend" and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed the most amazing southern hospitality (via transplanted Chicagoans)
at present i am situated in a state of the art AIRSTREAM beside their lovely home and the marsh adjacent. more vintage whimsy exploration will occur tomorrow along with what i hope will be some golf related "art" for the PGA.
i am beyond bushed so fare well until next time.