the many roads (and plates) that have led to ATL... / by geoffrey nichols

so tuesday morning began early in Mount Pleasant, Charleston with Pixie & I walking the young sons of my dear friend to their school which resulted in 7yo boy tears and then 45yo "man boy" tears (because as their mom whispered to me while consoling "he doesn't want you guys to leave")

with "DARTH VOLVO" all packed, we headed back into old town Charleston for a going away "Nasty Charleston Biscuit" at Hominy Grill (with 2 chocolate puddings to go)

a quick stop off at an abandoned VA hospital to deliver said pudding to a set painter of yet to be titled NETFLIX original series, furnished me with the knowledge that such a place as the THUNDERBIRD Motel in Savannah existed (thanx, Mollie / Jodie)

a few hours of divided highway driving south (while listening to Arsenal's EFL match versus Nottingham Forest) got us to "the Forest City" aka Savannah where we did a quick tour before heading back OUT of the city in search for The Crab Shack, 16 miles away in the middle of swamp land and apparently Jimmy Buffet's idea of heaven.

numerous Cajun spiced "shrimps" & crab stew later, it was time to check in to "Savannah's hippest motel" and take a much needed shower.

because exploring a new city as twilight descends into evening is one of my favorite things, Pixie & I navigated the seemingly ancient cobblestone streets and befriended numerous SCAD* students with multiple shades of hair color (and lots of black clothing) and absolutely MARVELED at the campus with its blend of antebellum & post-modern architecture.

i made a deliberate effort on wednesday morning to capture "Garden CIty" as dawn broke, but unfortunately the sun & clouds conspired against me and i was left with rather drab light until later in the morning when i met former school chum, Chris Constas at the amazing Gutstein gallery.
with fantastic sandwich procured from hippie market, I flirted my way through lunch on a park bench with a pair of "little old ladies" from Kingdom's Hall (that's Jehovah's Witness)

4+ hours later i negoitated ATL rush hour which is not NEARLY as daunting as people warned (in fact it's rather cute considering i was subjected to LA traffic), BUT the scores of drivers emulating NASCAR was a tad unnerving considering i was on a foreign roadway.

with the Bombeck homestead found, canine & children fed, us adults enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous meal at the very artistically minded Le Fat.

Thursday began early with a much needed spiritual sojourn and then proved to be a very engaging day of art, architecture, sight seeing and korean tacos (as many of you know i HEART K-food AND tacos, but i was kinda disappointed)

amazingly, thanks to the randomness of 21st century social media i was able to enjoy an impromptu rendezvous with someone due to a FB or IG post for the THIRD time in less than a week!!! (and TWICE the person ALSO didn't even live in the city i found myself in!!!)

so with that said, I met a dear friend from my early days in Boulder, CO for dinner at a very epicurean locale called SEVEN LAMPS.

More touring of ART, ARCHITECTURE & CUISINE blended as one took place today as i experienced the GOAT FARM and PONCE CITY MARKET with my homeboy from LA, Dsquared.

these final sentences are being typed as George Michael's "freedom" ROCKS through the SONOS as CJB works her culinary magic.

i'll touch base from Nashville early next week.