day one... / by geoffrey nichols

so after months and months of scheming, hoping and planning, The Vintage Whimsy Tour finally got on the road this morning. 

with the visceral atmosphere of 9.11 ceremonies in the background, i somberly executed "packing TETRIS" while contemplating just how fortunate i was to be doing such. (fittingly, the meloncholy of the day manifested itself in ominous clouds as i readied, but even MORE fittingly, gorgeous sunshine ultimately pierced the gloom.

a STARBUCKS card for trip was gifted to me during last-minute stop off at "auntie Margot's", and i took a leisurely route across the Tappan Zee on my way to see Mommom in Downingtown, PA.

*for the first time in numerous visits i did NOT screw up the SWEDESFORD RD interchange so i was able to arrive just in time to spend a painfully bittersweet moment with my 97yo grandmother, Lena.

after a trip to WaWa for petrol and a snack i took some beautiful country roads through the farm land as golden sunlight illuminated grain silos and vast green fields.

an ethereal twilight descended upon our first day as i entered Baltimore and the differences between where i watched the sun rise and set was striking. 

eventually digital correspondence with my Boulder sister, Gretchen led me to her family where Pixie has enjoyed sitting in new laps and stealing bully sticks.

i am exhausted on many levels and will enjoy sleep in a way i have not in quite some time... with prideful excitement.

good night.