it appears i've been distracted by the rainy Emerald City... / by geoffrey nichols

because I haven't updated this for quite some time, but i'll do my best to recall what's transpired on the journey since.

well I spent my time in Bozeman visiting dear friends with hikes, vintage sign & car snapping... and i didn't get eaten by any bearsin the mountains (but of course something REALLY bad happened a couple tuesdays ago... and that doesn't even include the passing of my "Mommom" aged 97 years. xoxo Lena)

"black wednesday" had me exploring some of the traditionally industrial areas now turned artistic enclave and most awesome was the behind the scenes look at Hot Mama salsa & burrito company.

we left early thursday morning, but not before experiencing the absolute one of a kind, Granny's Donut shop. we then headed west towards historic Missoula in route to the lake town of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. (but before arriving we stopped in the charming Wallace to witness a unique collection of "vintage whimsy")

at 5:30am friday morning i walked down to the local greasy spoon featured on Diners & Drive-In and ordered the same meal as Guy (chicken fried steak & eggs with gravy and potato scramble)

and because the town was COMPLETELY blanketed in fog there simply was no point in sticking around after breakfast so we made way for Seattle. a gratuitous stop at rest area just across the state line found us meeting a Ladies Auxiliary donating coffee & donuts as it was Veteran's Day. a couple hours later i came upon the geologically exquisite Wild Horse scenic overlook. by early afternoon i made it to Angle Lake and the home of friend I hadn't seen since the '90s.

on Saturday morning i drove into Seattle proper for the first time in my life and got to see it as I'd always envisioned it... wet & stormy! Breakfast took place at the perfect vintage whimsy locale, that night i took light rail into downtown for billiards in pioneer square and pizza in Capitol Hill.

the next few days found Pixie & I taking the train into the city for walking tours along the piers and famous Pikes Place market (yes, where they throw fish and the location of the first Starbucks)

on wednesday we took the train to the Bainbridge Island ferry which reminded us a bit of Old Greenwich. Thursday was spent doing tourista things like Snoqualmie Falls and the adorable historic town of the same name.

the end of the week became a visit to the burbs of Issaquah and youth soccer (really REALLY windy youth soccer!!!)